Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Resources!

Education World Tech Team, (2006). The Best Tech Tools for Teachers. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from Education World Web site:

As you know, I’ve chose to explore the area of using technology in the classroom, so that we can teach our students the technology skills they need for the future, regardless of if they have a computer at home or not.

This site is FANTASTIC!!! It lists a multitude of tech tools for teachers to use in the classroom and on their own. Here are some examples: Kidspiration, Inspiration, Inspire Data, Skype, Techno Spud, Fun Brain, Garageband, iMovie, Art Rage, Rubistar, Easy Test Maker, and many more! Not only do they give you great tech resources to try out, but they also give some real examples of how they were used and the outcome of their use in the classroom and by teachers. I absolutely love this site! I think it’s a great resource for any educator, either for classroom use or for their own personal use. I’m sure, out of all of the sites listed on here, there is at least one that you will be unfamiliar with. As an educator with very little free time, it’s nice to find one article that includes so many great resources, instead of having to search the web for hours to find all of these on my own. I love this site!


Sabrina said...

Hey Jenn!
You are right that is a great site! I've used Education World and lots of their resources for my own classroom and they have great articles on technology. If you liked that article then you should check out their technology page called "Technology in the Classroom Channel" at
Thanks for sharing!

Jenn Swaisgood said...

What a great resource Sabrina! Thanks for sharing!